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I am a designer living and working in Tempe, Arizona.
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Hi friends! I wanted to post an update that I’ve started a new tumblr with a new focus on my design work. I’ll be updating it with projects as they are happening/completed, and I’ll also be sharing a little about my life, DIY projects, opinions on design/freelance life, and (hopefully) some interesting tidbits for you to latch onto.

Mostly, I wanted to start fresh and refocus as my new chapter as a freelancer has begun. I don’t plan on updating this old tumblr anymore, so please head on over to the new one and take a look at what’s been cooking in my studio!


So glad I had this little guy today. Square is awesome!

So happy Paul and I finished these chairs a couple weeks ago. After stripping paint, staining, and reupholstering for the first time we learned a lot! I kind of love doing this now ☺

The wall is coming down. (Taken with Instagram)

Rainy day corgi. #dailyduncan (Taken with Instagram)

Boredom a few days ago resulted in a newly organized bookshelf. 🌈 (Taken with Instagram)

Been searching for months and finally found a pipe stand fitting for @paulfranklinhaworthii’s growing collection. Only $9 at Zinnia’s! That place is bomb. (Taken with Instagram)

Yummers! (Taken with Instagram at Angels Trumpet Ale House)

#dailyduncan (Taken with Instagram)

Our first piece of “real furniture,” meaning it wasn’t something we had to build from IKEA, ha! Vintage Broyhill Emphasis from the 60’s. We actually fished a 1972 copy of National Lampoon magazine from the back of it. Styling suggestions, anyone? (Taken with Instagram)

This morning we awoke to find Two chickens and a rooster in our yard. Just a normal day. (Taken with Instagram)

There are no words. #dailyduncan (Taken with Instagram)

Paul and I are on our way to go camping with our little backseat driver, Duncan. Hopefully we can share some sweet Arizona woodsy photos after the adventure!

Looking up domains I wish I owned. Searched for and this popped up. I guess I didn’t find them.

New scale. Is it bad that half the reason I bought it is it looks like something Apple would have made? (Taken with Instagram)